Frequently Asked Questions

See some common questions and answers below.

Where would my license be delivered?

The license is delivered to the home address provided by the client i.e, the address on the license. Licenses shall be sealed in an envelope accompanied with other documents and labeled with the details of the client.

What payment method(s) can a client use?

We cover many flexible and everyday payment methods such as Bank transfer, Paypal, Moneygram and bitcoin. Bank transfer has proven to be the best and trusted because clients feel their money is secure and can be traced.

How much does it cost?

We help you get a license without the theory nor exam. The cost depends on the category you want or the type of document. The higher the category, the higher the cost and vice versa.

How long does it take for a license to be delivered?

Typically as soon as the license is produced, and all procedures finalized, delivery is set for the next working day. This means that delivery of the  license is included within our 5-9 day working period.

Do I pay after receiving my license?

Payment should be done in two installments. This is because the first installment facilitates registration, processing and certification of the documents provided by the client. Not exempting payment of the partners involved.

How many installments can I pay?

For flexibility and for the purpose of building clients’ trust and loyalty, we accept two payment installments. First payment prior to registration and production of the license, and second payment after confirmation that the license has been printed that is, pre-delivery and final payment.

How do I renew my DL after expires?

When your driver’s license expires or gets lost, you will be able to renew it with the government which will be much more cheaper and it is legal. Or you can still contact us to renew it which will cost much morethan if you go to the government to renew it.

What if a police officer checks my DL?

If you are stopped by any police officer or law enforcement officer and they demand to check your driver’s license, confidently give it to them, when they check, they’ll see all your data registered in the system and they won’t have anything against you. So use your license with full confidence knowing it is 100% genuine.

Can i legally use the driver's license?

Yes, if you get a real driver’s license from us, you’ll legally use it because all your information will be registered in the database system, making it 100% genuine and legal.

How long does it take to get a DL?

Processing time takes 6 days. From the time we start your application, it takes 6 days to complete the driver’s license and delivery takes 1-3 days max depending on your location.

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